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Grant Meets Dr. Martin

Posted by Gigirob | Posted in 0-6 months | Posted on 04-06-2010


I weighed back at 8 lbs today and measured 3/4″ longer!! My head measurement was 14 1/2″. Nurse took my stats and then I was introduced to my Pediatrician. He’s an older man they call, Dr. Martin He seems to enjoy babies–He’s been at this for over 45 years!! Mommy says she’s going to like him– he’s relaxed with us short people, thorough (to thorough if you ask me!!), and from the looks of his hair color he has had tons of practice!!!! Mommy didn’t do so good. Funny thing was when I cried–mommy puckered up and looked like she was going to cry. To no avail did my pitiful Cry or most profound pucker stop this guy from interrupting my very much needed, happy nappy. The most traumatizing thing to me is my clothes and/or diaper being changed. I have a strong opinion about my clothes being taken on and off–and I’m not afraid to voice it!!. Problem is, no one seems to takes my objections seriously! Oh well, I’m happy in mommy’s arms now–we both survived my ordeal!! It’s all good!! [next time I go and the diaper comes off, I have some plans for the ‘ole Doc!!!]

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