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Grant Sportin’ his ‘Cool’ look!

Posted by Gigirob | Posted in 0-6 months | Posted on 11-06-2010


Grant woke up around 1:30 am. Mommy fed him and changed his diaper. She was ready for sleep. He was bright eyed and bobbing his head all around sight-seeing his cool home. Mommy is very tired. Grant is very awake. Gigi is up doing stuff– so she arm wrestles Caylin for a Grant shift!! These pictures happened on Gigi’s watch . . . Of course!! He starts out awake then his happy nappy time overtakes him. When you see the shades–from then on he’s sound asleep!! His R-E-M and Gigi’s F-U-N!!

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Now that hat will make his Uncle Matt proud! I love these pictures.

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